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"There's only one music that travels everywhere,
and that's Black American music."

--Ahmet Ertegun, Founder and President, Atlantic Records

Home for Motown Oldies Singers and Artists - Greet everyone at the main entrance!

Funk Brothers Biography - Who--not just what--made Motown music groove? Read about the studio band behind the Sound and the flurry of heyday hits!

  • Funk Brothers Movie Review - I shine a light on the documentary, Standing in the Shadows of Motown.
  • Motown Backup Singers - Other artists who stood in the shadows. This tribute to the vocalists who added extra snap, soul, and pop to many songs is in session!

Motown Songwriters - Here are some of the company's forgotten and famous composers, lyricists, producers, and arrangers.

Stevie Wonder Biography - All hail Sir Stevie, Motown's musical master blaster.

Diana Ross Biography - The life of Diana Ross, queen of the Supremes, empress of entertainment.

Supremes Biography - Spotlighting the Supremes sisterhood.

Marvin Gaye Biography - The life of a truly romantic Motown artist.

Temptations Biography - Walk this way toward the history of the Temptations!

Smokey Robinson Biography - Motown singer, songwriter, producer, you name it.

Miracles Biography - Do you believe in the Miracles? Here's their history!

Jackson 5 Biography - For a bubblegum band that does not blow!

Isley Brothers Biography - Meet these Motown alumni and rock & blues souls.

Gladys Knight and the Pips Biography - Get cozy with these model Motown oldies singers.

Four Tops Biography - These oldies singers just keep on loving each other and the performance life.

Mary Wells Biography - A reintroduction to the premiere princess of R&B, Motown-style.

Martha and the Vandellas Biography - A chance for folks to meet Motown's professional heart-pounders.

Marvelettes Biography - Please check and see this biography on Motown's first great girl group.

  • Marvelettes Discography - Girlfriends, postmen, lend it your eyes! Albums and singles by these Motown oldies singers.

Jr. Walker and the All Stars Biography - Aim those eyes at this article on Motown's sax-iest soul man and his bandmates.

Edwin Starr Biography - STARR! HUH. Yeah. Read about he of the holy holler.

Spinners Biography - How could Motown let them get away?? Catch the bio for these '70s soul singers here.

  • Spinners Discography - Time to enter the All Spinners Zone, with a list of the oldies singers' albums and singles!

Kim Weston Biography - Do you love her music all the way? Steal a glimpse of her life.

Brenda Holloway Biography - Would hearing about her life make you so very happy? Treat yourself to this bio!

Contours Biography - Read about Motown's most aggressive R&B (Rough & Bouncy) oldies singers here.

  • Contours Discography - You're invited to see these rousing entertainers' notable albums and singles!

Jimmy Ruffin Biography - Pass this way to read about his life and works.

Shorty Long Biography - Is that the man? Yes it is! A tribute to Motown’s funkiest Soul star.

Velvelettes Biography - For those who've been loving this girl group.

Tammi Terrell Biography - Come on and see this magnetic R&B romancer, one of Motown's heaviest heartbreaks.

Undisputed Truth Biography - I'm only tryin' to school ya on this '70s Motown group!

Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers Biography - Do you know about Motown's most notable multiracial soul group? Learn about it here.

Originals Biography - A portrait of Motown's consummate backup and throwback soul singers.

  • Originals Discography - Got a way out love for these doo-woppin', disco-hoppin' oldies singers? Their album list appears here.

Elgins Biography - Putting them in their place in Motown/R&B history.

  • Elgins Discography - If even obscure Motown soul songs touch your heart with gladness, then you may appreciate this short list of albums!

Monitors Biography - Say hello to this lesser-known but well-connected ensemble.

  • Monitors Discography - Finding that the further you look, the less you see anything about these oldies singers or their albums? Here's some help: Lay your eyes on this page!

Chris Clark Biography - A fan of Motown's blonde R&B bombshell of the 1960s? Want to go back there again? Let me take you!

Marv Johnson Biography - He helped ease Motown's growth from R&B hatchling to pop-soul behemoth. This bio stakes his claim in music history.

Fake Bands Alert - Help real Motown pioneers by avoiding falsely promoted knockoffs! Learn more here.

Motown Book Reviews - Hunting for the juiciest trivia and most extensive history of the record company? See my recommendations, including Berry Gordy's To Be Loved.

Motown Movie and TV Reviews - What must-see media illustrate the Motown Sound and celebrate Motown oldies singers anew? View my reviews of related videos and DVDs.

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