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You Just Can't Stop Them

Can any Motown exec from the '60s look at this Spinners discography without sighing over what his company missed?

G.C. Cameron's persuasive tenor suited Motown's youthful pep just fine. But would he have found more luck as a gentler, more tasteful Atlantic romantic?

The other Spinners--tenors Bobbie Smith and Billy Henderson, baritone Henry Fambrough, and bass Pervis Jackson--clearly did. Although they officially sang backups, they sometimes took the leads on important soul songs. Smith and Fambrough, for instance, both duetted with Dionne Warwick, and Jackson's abyss-deep bass comes into play on "Games People Play."

As the group's main post-Motown vocalist, Phillipe Wynne's aching, flexible falsetto fit Thom Bell's relaxed rhythms and clean brass and string arrangements like a glove. Ballads and foot-tappers became instant classics with Wynne on the job.

Later, John Edwards's explosive tenor lent Spinners music a more energetic feel for the disco era. By then, the lyrics had lost their magic and success wasn't as assured. But nostalgic fondness for their old soul smashes remained, even when medleys of others' hits put them in cover band territory.

This Spinners discography goes from Motown to the start of their 1980s revival. Can't have too-recent Spinners albums on an oldies site. ;)

The Spinners Discography
(With G.C. Cameron)

I'll Always Love You (1965; Motown single)

Truly Yours (1966; single)

The Original Spinners (1967)

It's a Shame (June 1970; a single by Garrett/Wonder/Wright)

The Second Time Around (1970)

1. It's a Shame (Garrett/Wonder/Wright)

2. I've Got to Find Myself a Brand New Baby

3. Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music (Coleman/Dropkin)

4. Bad, Bad Weather (Till You Come Home)

5. Pay Them No Mind

6. My Lady Love

7. Souly Ghost

8. O-O-H Child

9. In My Diary

10. My Whole World Ended (the Moment You Left Me) (Bristol/Fuqua/Roach/Sawyer)

11. (She's Gonna Love Me) At Sundown

12. Can Sing a Rainbow/Love is Blue

The Spinners Discography
(With Phillipe Wynne)

I'll Be Around (Aug. 1972; an Atlantic single by Bell/Hurtt)

How Could I Let You Get Away (Aug. 1972; a single by Davis)

Could It Be I'm Falling in Love (Dec. 1972; a single by Steals/Steals)

Spinners (1972)

1. Just Can't Get You Out of My Mind (Barrett)

2. Just You and Me Baby (Davis)

3. Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You (Akins/Bellmann)

4. I Could Never (Repay Your Love) (Howes)

5. I'll Be Around (Bell/Hurtt)

6. One of a Kind (Love Affair) (Jefferson)

7. We Belong Together (Davis)

8. Ghetto Child (Bell/Creed)

9. How Could I Let You Get Away (Davis)

10. Could It Be I'm Falling in Love (Steals/Steals)

One of a Kind (Love Affair) (Apr. 1973; a single by Jefferson)

Ghetto Child (Aug. 1973; a single by Bell/Creed)

The Best of the Spinners (1973; Motown album)

Mighty Love, Pt. 1 (Jan. 1974; an Atlantic single by Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

Mighty Love (Jan. 1974)

1. Since I Been Gone (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

2. Ain't No Price on Happiness (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

3. I'm Glad You Walked Into My Life (Barrett/Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

4. I'm Coming Home (Bell/Creed)

5. He'll Never Love You Like I Do (Bailey/Sigler/Sigler)

6. Love Has Gone Away (Jefferson/Simmons)

7. Love Don't Love Nobody (Jefferson/Simmons)

8. Mighty Love (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

New and Improved (Feb. 1974)

1. Sitting on Top of the World (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

2. Smile, We Have Each Other (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

3. Then Came You (Marshall/Pugh)

4. There's No One Like You (Hawes/Simmons)

5. Living a Little, Laughing a Little (Bell/Creed)

6. Sadie (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

7. Lazy Susan (Bell/Creed)

8. I've Got to Make It on My Own

I'm Coming Home (May 1974; a single by Bell/Creed)

Then Came You (July 1974; a single by Marshall/Pugh)

Love Don't Love Nobody, Pt. 1 (Sept. 1974; a single by Jefferson/Simmons)

Living a Little, Laughing a Little (Feb. 1975; a single by Bell/Creed)

Sadie (Apr. 1975; a single by Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

Spinners Live! (1975)

Pick of the Litter (1975)

1. Honest I Do (Bell/Marshall/Pugh)

2. I Don't Want to Lose You (Bell/Creed)

3. Love or Leave (Howes/Jefferson/Simmons)

4. Sweet Love of Mine (Barrett/Eli)

5. All That Glitters Ain't Gold (Conway/Life/Terry)

6. You Made a Promise to Me (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

7. Games People Play (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

8. Just as Long as We Have Love (Barrett/Hawes)

Games People Play (July 1975; a single by Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

The Rubberband Man (Aug. 1976; a single by Bell/Creed)

Happiness is Being With the Spinners (1976)

1. Now That We're Together (Conway/Life/Terry)

2. You're All I Need in Life (Bell/Creed)

3. If You Can't Be in Love (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

4. The Rubberband Man (Bell/Creed)

5. Toni My Love (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

6. Four Hands in the Fire (Hawes/Jefferson/Simmons)

7. Clown (Burgon)

8. Wake Up Susan (Bell/Marshall)

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (1977)

1. Me and My Music

2. I Found Love (When I Found You)

3. I'm Riding Your Shadow (Down to Love)

4. You're the Love of My Life

5. I Must Be Living for a Broken Heart

6. Honey, I'm in Love With You

7. Just to Be With You

8. You're Throwing a Good Love Away

The Spinners Discography
(With John Edwards)

Spinners/8 (1977)

1. I'm Gonna Getcha

2. I'm Tired of Giving

3. Painted Magic

4. You Got the Love That I Need

5. Heaven on Earth (So Fine)

6. Back in the Arms of Love

7. (Love is) One Step Away

8. Easy Come, Easy Go

9. Baby I Need Your Love

Smash Hits (1977)

Detroit Spinners (1978)

The Best of the Spinners (1978)

From Here to Eternally (1979)

1. It's a Natural Affair (Bell/James)

2. Don't Let the Man Get You (Bell/James)

3. Plain and Simple Love Song (Barrett/Bell/James)

4. I Love the Music (Balden/Robinson)

5. If You Wanna Do a Dance (All Night) (Bell/Bell/Bell/James)

6. Once You Fall in Love (Jefferson/Simmons)

Working My Way Back to You/Forgive Me, Girl (Dec. 1979; a single by Linzer/Randell/Zager)

Dancin' and Lovin' (1979)

1. Disco Ride (Skinner/Weatherby/Zager)

2. Body Language (Fox/Fuchs/Scott)

3. Let's Boogie, Let's Dance (Fox/Frank/James)

4. Working My Way Back to You/Forgive Me, Girl (Linzer/Randell/Zager)

5. With My Eyes (Christopher/James)

6. One, One, Two, Two, Boogie Woogie Avenue (Home of the Boogie, House O) (Hatcher/Ross)

Cupid/I've Loved You for a Long Time (May 1980; a single by Cooke)

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