The Marv Johnson Discography -
He Had What It Took

The Marv Johnson discography--a simple list--doesn't do justice to the soul singer's style. Since so few, if any, of his songs still get radio, commercial, or other kinds of airplay, a song name won't conjure up a tune as readily as for other Motown oldies artists.

So how about these descriptions: A high, pleasant tenor that can plunge into a penetrating baritone. A slight vibrato that wavers with distress or flutters with joy. Effective delivery that conveys his understanding of each song's story, as if he's lived through those emotions himself.

From United Artists to Motown to Motorcity, Marv Johnson albums and singles demonstrate his abilities across jazzy pop standards, low 'n' groovy R&B, and heartfelt ballads. This Marv Johnson discography presents his notable recordings. My Baby-O/Once Upon a Time (1958; Kudo single)

Come to Me (1959; a Motown Tamla single by Gordy/Johnson)

River of Tears (1959; United Artists single)

You Got What It Takes (1959; a single by Carlo/Fuqua/Gordy)

I Love the Way You Love (1960; a single by Abrams/Gordy/Oden/Ossman)

(You've Got to) Move Two Mountains (1960; a single by Gordy)

Happy Days (1960; a single by Gordy/McKnight)

Marvelous Marv Johnson (1960; first United Artists album)

1. You Got What It Takes (Carlo/Fuqua/Gordy)

2. Happy Days (Gordy/McKnight)

3. Ain't Gonna Be That Way (Gordy/Johnson)

4. Merry-Go-Round (Gordy)

5. I'm Coming Home (Gordy)

6. Come to Me (Gordy/Johnson)

7. I Love the Way You Love (Abrams/Gordy/Oden/Ossman)

8. Oh Mary

9. I Need You (Gordy/Robinson)

10. Magic Mirror

11. Whisper (Gordy/Johnson)

12. (You've Got to) Move Two Mountains (Gordy)

Merry-Go-Round (1961; a single by Gordy)

More Marv Johnson (1961)

I Believe (1966)

I Miss You Baby (How I Miss You) (1966; Motown Gordy single)

I'll Pick a Rose for My Rose (1966; single)

I'll Pick a Rose for My Rose (1969; Motown album)

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing (with Carolyn Gill, 1987; a Nightmare single by Ashford/Simpson)

Come to Me (1990; a Motorcity single by Gordy/Johnson)

Marvelous Marv Johnson/More Marv Johnson (Aug. 14, 2001)

1. September in the Rain

2. You Got What It Takes (Carlo/Fuqua /Gordy)

3. Summertime (Gershwin/Heyward)

4. 'S Wonderful

5. I Can't Get Started

6. Come to Me (Gordy/Johnson)

7. Let Me Love You

8. Almost Like Being in Love

9. Love is Here to Stay

10. I'm Coming Home (Gordy)

11. When I Fall in Love

12. Don't Leave Me (Bateman/Gordy/Holland/Sanders)

13. Baby Baby

14. This Heart of Mine (Will Surely Sing)

15. I Love the Way You Love (Abrams/Gordy/Oden/Ossman)

16. River of Tears

17. Clap Your Hands

18. Ain't Gonna Be That Way (Gordy/Johnson)

19. When You've Lost Your Love

20. I Need You (Gordy/Robinson)

21. Easier Said Than Done

22. What a Need

23. All the Love I've Got

24. (You've Got to) Move Two Mountains (Gordy)

25. Happy Days (Gordy/McKnight)

26. Merry-Go-Round (Gordy)

27. Sweet Georgia Brown

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