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There ain't a whole lotta Contours albums to list in this Contours discography. If you could predict a group's longevity by how much energy it saves versus how much it expends, then you could say the original onstage sliders and leapers exhausted themselves earlier than their Motown rivals.

The actual shortfall was more creative and commercial. Contours music tended to be jovial, great fun. But Motown's most resonant songs brought substance to the joys. Dance numbers didn't define the Miracles or Martha and the Vandellas, for you could count on them to aim deeper, emotionally, elsewhere.

The Contours weren't incapable of calmer, closer-to-the-heart fare. "Funny" sounds like doo-wop, and on "It's So Hard Being a Loser," Dennis Edwards is more soothing than on some Temptations records!

But with Billy Gordon's laments likely to become rowdy screamers (classic case: "Do You Love Me"), maybe fans just didn't take the R&B artists seriously once the party ended.

This Contours discography concludes with a decidedly un-Motown-oldies-like album, A New Direction, just to show that their flexibility (with new members) is musical as well as physical.

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Whole Lotta Woman (1961; a single by Gordon/Robinson)

The Stretch/Funny (1961; single)

Do You Love Me (June 29, 1962; a single by Gordy)

Do You Love Me (1962)

1. Do You Love Me (Gordy)

2. Just a Little Misunderstanding (Broadnax/Paul/Wonder)

3. Shake Sherrie (Gordy)

4. Can You Do It (Gordy/Street)

5. Don't Let Her Be Your Baby (Gordy)

6. First I Look at the Purse (Robinson/Rogers)

7. Whole Lotta Woman (Gordon/Robinson)

8. Can You Jerk Like Me (Hunter/Stevenson)

9. It's So Hard Being a Loser (Dean/McMullen/Weatherspoon)

10. You Get Ugly (Gordy/Ossman)

Shake Sherrie (1962; a single by Gordy)

Can You Jerk Like Me (1964; a single by Hunter/Stevenson)

First I Look at the Purse (June 23, 1965; a single by Robinson/Rogers)

Just a Little Misunderstanding (1966; a single by Broadnax/Paul/Wonder)

It's So Hard Being a Loser (1967; a single by Dean/McMullen/Weatherspoon)

Baby Hit and Run (1974)

Running in Circles (1990; Motorcity album)

The Very Best (1996)

A New Direction (2000)

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