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Smooth Travellin'

The Smokey Robinson discography doesn't depart too wildly from his old Motown style. His songs still languidly yet keenly observe human emotion. They just sound more refined and less urgent than before.

Like other aging Motown artists, Smokey Robinson dipped into funk and disco trends to keep his career afloat in the late '70s. But his vocal caresses remained a major part of his solo performances and success.

I'll refrain from the obvious "Cruisin'" reference about his later solo days (oops, sorry!). His snappy, lyrical songwriting had already turbocharged the careers of many Motowners, including the Temptations, Mary Wells, and his fellow Miracles. His place in R&B as well as pop history was secure. He probably deserved a break.

I've included this Smokey Robinson discography to acknowledge his individual achievements. As a fan of the old Motown groove, though, I think his classic Miracles songs are the way to go.

Smokey (June 19, 1973)

1. Holly

2. Never My Love/Never Can Say Goodbye

3. A Silent Partner in a Three-Way Love Affair

4. Just My Soul Responding

5. Sweet Harmony

6. Will You Love Me Tomorrow

7. Wanna Know My Mind

8. The Family Song

9. Baby Come Close

Pure Smokey (Mar. 15, 1974)

1. It's Her Turn to Live

2. Love Between Me and My Kids

3. Asleep on My Love

4. I Am I Am

5. Just Passing Through

6. Virgin Man

7. She's Only a Baby Herself

8. Fulfill Your Need

9. A Tattoo

A Quiet Storm (Mar. 26, 1975)

1. Quiet Storm

2. The Agony and the Ecstasy

3. Baby That's Backatcha

4. Wedding Song

5. Happy (Love Theme From Lady Sings the Blues)

6. Love Letters

7. Coincidentally

Smokey's Family Robinson (Feb. 10, 1976)

1. When You Came

2. Get Out of Town

3. Do Like I Do

4. Open

5. So in Love

6. Like Nobody Can

7. Castles Made of Sand

Deep in My Soul (Jan. 18, 1977)

1. Vitamin U

2. There Will Come a Day (I'm Gonna Happen to You)

3. It's Been a Long Time (Since I Been in Love)

4. Let's Do the Dance of Life Together

5. If You Want My Love

6. You Cannot Laugh Alone

7. In My Corner

8. The Humming Song (Lost for Words)

Big Time (soundtrack, June 28, 1977)

1. Theme From Big Time

2. JJ's Theme

3. Hip Trip

4. He is the Light of the World

5. So Nice to Be With You

6. Shana's Theme

7. If We're Gonna Act Like Lovers

8. The Agony and the Ecstasy (instrumental)

9. Theme From Big Time (reprise)

Love Breeze (Feb. 21, 1978)

1. Why You Wanna See My Bad Side

2. Love So Fine

3. Feeling You, Feeling Me

4. Madam X

5. Shoe Soul

6. Trying It Again

7. Daylight & Darkness

8. I'm Loving You Softly

Smokin’ (live two-LP set, Oct. 31, 1978)

Record 1, Side 1

1. The Tracks of My Tears (Moore/Robinson/Tarplin)

2. Love So Fine

3. Baby That’s Backatcha

4. The Agony and the Ecstasy

Record 1, Side 2

1. Quiet Storm

2. Dialogue

3. Why You Wanna See My Bad Side

4. Daylight & Darkness

5. Madam X

Record 2, Side 1

1. The Tears of a Clown (Cosby/Robinson/Wonder)

2. Medley: Bad Girl/(You Can) Depend on Me (Gordy/Robinson)

3. Here I Go Again

4. Mickey’s Monkey (Dozier/Holland/Holland)

5. You've Really Got a Hold on Me (Robinson)

6. Shoe Soul (studio recording)

Record 2, Side 2

1. I Second That Emotion

2. Ooo Baby Baby (Moore/Robinson)

3. Vitamin U

4. Baby Come Close

Smokey's World (1978)

Where There's Smoke... (May 22, 1979)

Warm Thoughts (Feb. 25, 1980)

1. Let Me Be the Clock (Robinson)

2. Heavy on Pride (Robinson)

3. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall (Fisher/Roberts)

4. Wine, Women and Song

5. Melody Man

6. What's in Your Life for Me

7. I Want to Be Your Love

8. Travellin' Thru'

Being With You (Feb. 17, 1981)

Yes It's You, Lady (Jan. 17, 1982)

1. Tell Me Tomorrow (Goetzman/Piccirillo)

2. Yes It's You, Lady (Robinson)

3. Old Fashioned Love

4. Are You Still Here

5. The Only Game in Town

6. International Baby

7. Merry Go Ride

8. I'll Try Something New (Robinson)

9. Destiny (Jackson/Jackson/Jackson/Jackson)

Touch the Sky (Jan. 7, 1983)

1. Touch the Sky

2. Gimme What You Want

3. Even Tho'

4. Gone Again

5. All My Life's a Lie

6. Sad Times

7. Dynamite (Gordy/Robinson)

8. I've Made Love to You a Thousand Times (Robinson/Tarplin)

Other Tracks

  • Cruisin' (1979; Robinson/Tarplin)
  • Just to See Her (1987; recorded 1986; George/Pardini)

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