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Despite albums that declare his Groove or boast a Bee Gee as producer, the Jimmy Ruffin discography may not make you dance. Sway with singing strings, perhaps, but not get jiggy.

Still, Jimmy Ruffin music can move you. Ruffin's high tenor is the kind that could easily wobble into sobs. Yet his vocals can also be breezy, emphatic, and uplifting. Even bleak Motown ballads like "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted" are gratifying...soul cleansing.

This Jimmy Ruffin discography starts with a desolate-sounding single and ends with a hopeful-sounding partnership with Brenda Holloway. Not a bad route from his Motown oldies days. ;)

For Jimmy Ruffin albums that cover the path between those points, head here.

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted (June 3, 1966; a single by Dean/Riser/Weatherspoon)

I've Passed This Way Before (1966; a single by Dean/Weatherspoon)

Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got (1967; a single by Strong/Whitfield)

Don't You Miss Me a Little Bit Baby (1967; a single by Penzabene/Strong/Whitfield)

Jimmy Ruffin Sings Top Ten (Jan. 1967)

1. I've Passed This Way Before (Dean/Weatherspoon)

2. Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got (Strong/Whitfield)

3. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted (Dean/Riser/Weatherspoon)

4. As Long as There is Love

5. Halfway to Paradise

6. Black is Black

7. Bless You (Gordy/Mizell/Perren/Richards)

8. Since I've Lost You (Strong/Whitfield)

9. World So Wide Nowhere to Hide (From Your Heart)

10. I Want Her Love (Holland/Whitfield)

11. Tomorrow's Tears (Dean/McMullen/Riser/Weatherspoon)

12. How Can I Say I'm Sorry (Gilliam/Potts/Whitfield)

The Jimmy Ruffin Way (May 1967)

I'll Say Forever My Love (1968; a single by Bowden/Dean/Weatherspoon)

Ruff 'n' Ready (May 1969)

1. Don't Let Him Take Your Love From Me (Strong/Whitfield)

2. Don't You Miss Me a Little Bit Baby (Penzabene/Strong/Whitfield)

3. Gonna Keep on Tryin' Till I Win Your Love (Strong/Whitfield)

4. Farewell is a Lonely Sound (Weatherspoon)

5. Everybody Needs Love (Holland/Whitfield)

6. 96 Tears (Martinez)

7. It's Wonderful (to Be Loved by You) (Dean/Weatherspoon)

8. Sad and Lonesome Feeling

9. Love Gives, Love Takes Away

10. I'll Say Forever My Love (Bowden/Dean/Weatherspoon)

11. You Got What It Takes (Carlo/Fuqua/Gordy)

12. Lonely Lonely Man Am I (Holland/Kendricks/Whitfield)

The Groove Governor (1970)

1. Let's Say Goodbye Tomorrow

2. Maria (You Were the Only One) (Brown/Glover/Gordy/Story)

3. Honey Come Back (Webb)

4. Our Favorite Melody

5. Living in a World I Created for Myself (Brown/Gordy/Story)

6. If You Will Let Me I Know I Can

7. This Guy's in Love With You (Bacharach/David)

8. On the Way Out (On the Way In) (Dean/Weatherspoon)

9. Take a Letter Maria (Greaves)

10. You Gave Me Love (Bristol/Fuqua/Johnson)

11. Just Before Love Ends (Bowden/Dean/Weatherspoon)

12. Gathering Memories (Dean/Weatherspoon)

Forever (Oct. 1970)

Stand By Me (1970; single)

I Am My Brother's Keeper (1971)

Jimmy Ruffin (1973; Polydor album)

Greatest Hits (1974)

Love is All We Need (1975; Polydor album)

Sunrise (1980; RSO album)

  • Changin' Me
  • Hold on to My Love
  • Jealousy
  • Where Do I Go
  • Hold on to My Love (1980; single)

    There Will Never Be Another You (1985; single)

    On the Rebound (with Brenda Holloway, 1989; single)

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