The Edwin Starr Discography -
Clean and Lean

Soul music, disco, political rallies, dance floors--tracks from the Edwin Starr discography powered all those things with preacherly potency.

But to my ears, his vocal surges are more liquid than electrical. Simply put, Edwin Starr hits some very high notes! Instead of thinning out, his voice barrels up and down unstoppably, often with minimal fuss. Its clarity in ballads like "I'm Still a Struggling Man" exposes the pains and pathos he feels along the way.

At the same time, Edwin Starr's voice is unmistakably masculine. It can clutch your attention and shake it into submission, huff under his breath, or overwhelm the air with static noise. And that's with rampaging instruments around him. He cuts through all that and delivers his messages effectively.

This Edwin Starr discography takes us from Ric Tic to Motown to the waning days of disco in 1980. Edwin Starr albums and singles like these let his sensitive-yet-macho-yet-merry-yet-serious persona shine through. ;)

Agent Double-O Soul (1965; first Ric Tic single, by Sharpley/Starr)

Back Street (1966; single)

Stop Her on Sight (S.O.S.) (1966; single)

Headline News (1966; a single by Hamilton/Morris/Starr)

I Want My Baby Back (1967; first Motown single, by Grant/Kendricks/Whitfield)

I Am the Man for You Baby (1968; a single by Bowden/Dean/Weatherspoon)

Soul Master (1968)

1. Agent Double-O Soul (Sharpley/Starr)

2. I Am the Man for You Baby (Bowden/Dean/Weatherspoon)

3. Stop Her on Sight (S.O.S.)

4. Oh How Happy (Starr)

5. Way Over There (Gordy/Robinson)

6. My Weakness is You (Holland/Whitfield)

7. Headline News (Hamilton/Morris/Starr)

8. Soul Master (Morris)

9. I Want My Baby Back (Grant/Kendricks/Whitfield)

10. Love is My Destination (Cosby/Starr)

11. I Am Your Man (Ashford/Simpson)

12. Time is Passin' By (Dean/Weatherspoon)

Twenty-Five Miles (Jan. 2, 1969; a single by Bristol/Fuqua/Starr)

I'm Still a Struggling Man (1969; single)

25 Miles (Apr. 1969)

1. Twenty-Five Miles (Bristol/Fuqua/Starr)

2. I'm Still a Struggling Man

3. Backyard Lovin' Man

4. He Who Picks a Rose (Holland/Smiley/Whitfield)

5. Soul City (Open Your Arms to Me)

6. You Beat Me to the Punch (Robinson/White)

7. Gonna Keep on Tryin' Till I Win Your Love (Strong/Whitfield)

8. Pretty Little Angel (Paul/Valvano/Wonder)

9. If My Heart Could Tell the Story

10. Who Cares If You're Happy or Not (I Do)

11. Twenty-Four Hours (to Find My Baby)

12. Mighty Good Lovin'

Just We Two (with Blinky Williams, 1969)

1. You've Made Me So Very Happy (Gordy/Holloway/Holloway/Wilson)

2. I'm So Thankful

3. Oh How Happy (Starr)

4. Let It Be Me (Starr/Williams)

5. I'm Glad You Belong to Me (Grant/Morris/Penzabene)

6. I'll Understand

7. We'll Find a Way (Hunter/Verdi)

8. Sweet Joy of Life

9. Can't We Be Strangers Again

10. I See a Rainbow

11. Ooo Baby Baby (Moore/Robinson)

War (June 9, 1970; a single by Strong/Whitfield)

Stop the War Now (1970; a single by Strong/Whitfield)

War & Peace (1970)

Funky Music Sho' Nuff Turns Me On (1971; a single by Strong/Whitfield)

Involved (1971)

1. War (Strong/Whitfield)

2. Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today) (Strong/Whitfield)

3. Funky Music Sho' Nuff Turns Me On (Strong/Whitfield)

4. Stop the War Now (Strong/Whitfield)

5. Cloud Nine (Strong/Whitfield)

6. Stand (Stewart)

7. Way Over There (Gordy/Robinson)

8. My Sweet Lord (Harrison)

Take Me Clear From Here (1972; single)

Who is the Leader of the People (1972; single)

There You Go (1973; single)

You've Got My Soul on Fire (1973; a single by Whitfield)

Hell Up in Harlem (1974)

1. Ain't It Hell Up in Harlem

2. Easin' In

3. Big Papa (Perren)

4. Love Never Dies (Helen's Love Theme)

5. Don't It Feel Good to Be Free

6. Runnin'

7. Jennifer's Love Theme

8. Airport Chase

9. Mama Should Be Here Too

10. Like We Used to Do

11. Ain't It Hell Up in Harlem (instrumental)

Hits of Edwin Starr (1974)

Free to Be Myself (1975; Granite album)

1. Stay With Me

2. Abyssinia

3. Toys

4. Drink Annie

5. Rainbow

6. Another Song for You

7. Best of My Past

8. Beginning

9. Pain

10. Party

Afternoon Sunshine (1977; GTO album)

1. Overture: Afternoon Sunshine

2. Afternoon Sunshine

3. Pretty Girl

4. Ruby Begonia

5. Eavesdropper

6. I Just Wanna Do My Thing

7. Mr. Davenport and Mr. James

8. Not Having You (Starr/Wingfield)

9. Accident

10. Everybody Needs Love

11. Edge of Insanity

Contact (1978; first 20th Century single, by Dickerson/Starr)

Clean (1978)

1. I'm So Into You

2. Jealous

3. Contact (Dickerson/Starr)

4. Storm Clouds on the Way

5. Don't Waste Your Time

6. Drown My Heart

7. My Friend

8. Patiently

H.A.P.P.Y. Radio (1979; a single by Starr)

H.A.P.P.Y. Radio (1979)

1. H.A.P.P.Y. Radio (Starr)

2. Rip Me Off

3. It's Called the Rock

4. I'd Rather Fight Than Switch

5. Drown My Heart

6. My Friend

7. Patiently

Ear Candy (1980)

Get Up, Whirlpool (1980; single)

Stronger Than You Think I Am (1980)

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