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Note: The forms on the pages below are currently offline. But feel free to browse them, reflect on your preferences and learn a few factoids!

This site gives many facts and some opinions--mine--about Motown oldies music.

But I'd also like to hear from you!

Below are polls about Motown artists, songs, and related topics. Click on any of these links to post your votes.

Most Sustained Success Had They Lived Longer
Best Instrumental Flourish
Most Seductive Female Voice
Best Family Motown Group
Best Joe Hunter Keyboard Performance
Most Dynamic Working Couple
Best Solo Star
Most Effective Social Commentary
Most Enduring Motown Singers Today
Best Motown Replacement Singers
Best Motown Choreography
Best Pistol Allen Drum Performance
Most Sensitive Male Singer
Most Shocking Moment in Song
Most Powerful Female Voice
Best Eddie "Bongo" Brown Performance
Most Romantic Motown Song
Best Motown Mistake
Best Motown Backup Singers
Best Motown Dance Song
Best Robert White Guitar Performance
Most Powerful Male Voice

Naturally, the choices I've provided for each poll are very limited and subjective. So you're getting an idea of my interests and favorites.

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Soully Oldies Music Polls