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If we're going to consider Isley Brothers Motown hits, then we have to talk about Isley Brothers songs, not Isley Brothers albums. Make that, song, singular: "This Old Heart of Mine" was their "soul" winner. In fact, the company produced only three Isley Brothers albums, starting with the same-titled work.

Happily, their careers blasted off after they revived their family's T-Neck label.

The Isley Brothers succeeded in spite of, not because of, Motown's influence over their music. Their blazing, gospel-tinged R&B impulses would have singed the hit machine.

Still, their knack for reinterpreting other Motown songs, like Martha and the Vandellas' "Nowhere to Run," carried over to different genres as they entered their funk-rock phase. The last of the works below spotlights several innovative covers.

You can move beyond that point (and this discography) by seeing Isley Brothers albums here.

Shout! (1959)

1. When the Saints Go Marching In

2. St. Louis Blues

3. Yes, Indeed!

4. How Deep is the Ocean (Berlin)

5. Ring-a-Ling-a-Ling

6. Rock Around the Clock

7. Turn to Me

8. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

9. That Lucky Old Sun

10. Respectable

11. Without a Song (Eliscu/Rose/Youmans)

12. Shout, Pts. 1 and 2

Twist and Shout (Oct. 1962)

1. Twist and Shout

2. Time After Time

3. Twistin' With Linda

4. Right Now

5. Never Leave Me Baby

6. The Snake

7. Nobody but Me

8. I'm Laughing to Keep From Crying

9. You Better Come Home

10. Long Tall Sally

The Fabulous Isley Brothers: Twisting and Shouting (May 1964)

1. Surf and Shout

2. Please, Please, Please (Brown/Terry)

3. Do the Twist

4. She's the One

5. Tango

6. What'cha Gonna Do

7. Stagger Lee

8. You'll Never Leave Him

9. Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go

10. Shake It With Me Baby

11. She's Gone

12. Long Tall Sally

Take Some Time Out (1964)

This Old Heart of Mine (is Weak for You) (June 1966)

1. Nowhere to Run (Dozier/Holland/Holland)

2. Stop! In the Name of Love (Dozier/Holland/Holland)

3. This Old Heart of Mine (is Weak for You) (Dozier/Holland/Holland/Moy)

4. Take Some Time Out for Love

5. I Guess I'll Always Love You

6. Baby Don't You Do It (Dozier/Holland)

7. Who Could Ever Doubt My Love

8. Put Yourself in My Place (Dozier/Holland/Holland/Thornton)

9. I Hear a Symphony (Dozier/Holland/Holland)

10. Just Ain't Enough Love

11. There's No Love Left (Dozier/Holland/Holland)

12. Seek and You Shall Find (Hunter/Stevenson)

Soul on the Rocks (Sept. 1967)

1. Got to Have You Back

2. That's the Way Love Is (Strong/Whitfield)

3. Whispers (Gettin' Louder)

4. Tell Me It's Just a Rumor Baby

5. One Too Many Heartaches

6. It's Out of the Question (Gordy/Robinson)

7. Why When Love is Gone (Hunter)

8. Save Me From This Misery

9. Little Miss Sweetness (Robinson)

10. Good Things

11. Catching Up on Time

12. Behind a Painted Smile

Tamla Motown Presents (1967; last Motown album)

Doin' Their Thing (Apr. 1969)

1. This Old Heart of Mine (is Weak for You) (Dozier/Holland/Holland/Moy)

2. Who Could Ever Doubt My Love

3. I Guess I'll Always Love You

4. That's the Way Love Is (Strong/Whitfield)

5. One Too Many Heartaches

6. Why When Love is Gone (Hunter)

7. Just Ain't Enough Love

8. Got to Have You Back

9. There's No Love Left (Dozier/Holland/Holland)

10. I Hear a Symphony (Dozier/Holland/Holland)

11. Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While) (Dozier/Holland/Holland)

12. Take Some Time Out for Love

It's Our Thing (July 1969)

1. Don't Give It Away

2. Feel Like the World

3. Give the Women What They Want

4. He's Got Your Love

5. I Know Who You Been Socking It To

6. I Must Be Losing My Touch

7. It's Your Thing (Isley/Isley/Isley)

8. Love is What You Make It

9. Save Me

10. Somebody Been Messin'

Live at Yankee Stadium (1969)

The Brothers: Isley (1969)

1. I Turned You On

2. Vacuum Cleaner

3. I Got to Get Myself Together

4. What is Good to You

5. The Blacker the Berry

6. My Little Girl

7. Get Down Off of the Train

8. Holding On

9. Feels Like the World

Get Into Something (1970)

1. Get Into Something

2. Freedom

3. Take Inventory

4. Keep on Doin'

5. Girls Will Be Girls

6. I Need You So

7. If He Can You Can

8. I Got to Find Me One

9. Beautiful

10. Bless Your Heart

Givin' It Back (all covers, Sept. 1971)

1. Ohio/Machine Gun

2. Fire and Rain

3. Lay Lady Lay (Dylan)

4. Spill the Wine

5. Nothing to Do but Today

6. Cold Bologna

7. Love the One You're With (Stills)

Brother, Brother, Brother (June 1972)

1. Brother, Brother

2. Put a Little Love in Your Heart (DeShannon/Holiday/Myers)

3. Sweet Seasons

4. Keep on Walkin'

5. Work to Do

6. Pop That Thang

7. Lay Away

8. It's Too Late (King/Stern)

9. Love Put Me on the Corner

The Isleys Live (Mar. 1973)

1. It's Too Late (King/Stern)

2. It's Your Thing (Isley/Isley/Isley)

3. Lay Away

4. Lay Lady Lay (Dylan)

5. Love the One You're With (Stills)

6. Ohio/Machine Gun

7. Pop That Thang

8. Work to Do

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