The Motown Song
of Social Significance

That's right: The Motown S.O.S. Uh, S.

It was a different Edwin Starr Motown song that turned complacency about the Vietnam War into as much of a sin as the conflict itself.

But does simple, aggressive(!) pacifism make it the best kind of social critique?

How about an overwhelming laundry list of problems, also by Barrett Strong and Norman Whitfield? An ambitious narrative, Stevie Wonder-style? A personal drama between lovers? The close of one of the most celebrated social visions by any artist of that company or elsewhere?


Most effective social commentary by a Motown song?

Ball of Confusion
Inner City Blues
Living for the City
Love Child
Papa Was a Rollin' Stone
Smiling Faces Sometimes
What's Going On

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The Motown Song of Social Significance