The Fierce Female Motown Singer

What makes a voice "pretty"? Does it have to be smooth, high, and girlish?

If so, I don't think any Motown singer below would always fit that definition.

To me, the best of the solo stars and (girl) group members sound wonderfully womanly. They bring intensity or a sense of hard-earned experience to their songs. If anyone has done them wrong, they'd strike back good with their voices.

Sometimes, an inoffensive timbre just won't cut it--"it" being listeners' souls. And sometimes, sharing the hurt with these artists is the most gratifying experience we fans can have.

Which of these female Motown singers has
the most powerful voice?

Florence Ballard
Chris Clark
Brenda Holloway
Gladys Knight
Martha Reeves
Kim Weston

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The Fierce Female Motown Singer