Kept Takes With Motown Mistakes

Despite astringent Quality Control standards at Motown, mistakes remained in some songs as they went public. The horror?

Fortunately, not always. They hadn't necessarily snuck past producers' ears. If they added something special--endearing artlessness, fun for alert fans, or a new recording technique--they stayed... the delight of future trivia scavengers everywhere!

Berry Gordy loved mistakes.
Which is your favorite?

Ain't No Mountain High Enough: Tammi Terrell's second-line volume drop
Ball of Confusion: Norman Whitfield's opening count
Fingertips, Pt. 2: The bassist's cry for the key during this encore
I'll Be There: Just look over your shoulders, honey--plural!
Someday We'll Be Together: Johnny Bristol's coaching of Diana Ross
What's Going On: Engineer Ken Sands's doubling of the tracks

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Kept Takes With Motown Mistakes