Singling Out Solo Motown Singers

These Motown singers expressed a lot about couplehood, but they ended up doing so by themselves.

In fact, today's fans may be too used to ex-leads' names. You see it all the time: references to "Smokey Robinson and the Miracles" during their just-Miracles era (see the title of my own bio!), or to "Baby Love" as a "Diana Ross" song. Unfair advantage in this poll, or hard-won recognition?

Then there are the Temptations. Ruffin and Kendricks, plus Edwards, have great voices, but also storied stints within that ensemble. Will they cancel each other out, or pump each other up?

An under-the-radar artist like the Supremes' Mary Wilson might surpass them still in terms of longevity, if not musical fireworks.

I haven't even mentioned the self-named King of Pop!

Anyway, it's up to you to crown one of these solo Motown singers as the worthiest.

Most deserving of solo stardom?

Dennis Edwards
Michael Jackson
Eddie Kendricks
Gladys Knight
Martha Reeves
Smokey Robinson
Diana Ross
David Ruffin
Mary Wilson

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Singling Out Solo Motown Singers