Motown Oldies, Served Fresh -
Come and Get These Memories!

Remember those Motown oldies in the late '50s, '60s, and '70s? Those lively, graceful singers, those earthy but soaring songs, that vigorous bass and throbbing beat?

Well, I don't. I'm too young!

But I do relish the raw emotion and well-crafted stories that the best of them deliver. They set a gold (nay, platinum) standard in popular music that the industry rarely matches these days.

I hope to help fans of all ages appreciate and indulge in that music beyond the three-minute performances. So acquaint yourselves with the artists. Run your eyes down the tracks of their peers. Let those songs really get a hold on you all over again.

Whether you're an old (classic) soul like me or simply young at heart, go ahead and enjoy Motown oldies anew. Look out, baby, 'cause here they come!

Podcast on the Funk Brothers and the man who spent
two decades preserving their legacy:

"The End of Obsession"

Introducing Soully Oldies Singers and Artists - A Site Map

Searching for info on Motown oldies singers and other Motown artists? Look no further! Consult this site map to find content on their lives, albums, and songs.

The Funk Brothers - A Biography on Pop's Most Gifted and Neglected Studio Band

Who--not just what--made Motown music groove? Hint: Check this biography on the Funk Brothers, the studio band behind the Sound and the flurry of heyday hits!

Noteworthy Soul-Pop Songwriters of America's Greatest Hit Machine

Motown singers reaped the glory. Motown songwriters didn't just plant but created the seeds. Here are some of the company's forgotten and famous composers, lyricists, producers, and arrangers.

Stevie Wonder Biography - A Stevie Wonder Bio for a Musical Master Blaster

All hail Sir Stevie! Get in sync (or synth) with Motown’s juvenile-genius-turned-R&B-revolutionary in this Stevie Wonder biography.

Diana Ross Biography - A Touch of Diana Ross In and Out of the Supremes

At a loss without Diana Ross? Come on out for this Diana Ross biography, which sums up her Supremes and solo outings in music and movies.

Biography on the Supremes - Spotlighting the Original and '70s Supremes

The Life Supremes: An original biography on the Supremes, starring Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, Cindy Birdsong, Jean Terrell, and Diana Ross.

Marvin Gaye Biography - A Marvin Gaye Bio for a True and Troubled Soul

I'll be doggone--it's a Marvin Gaye biography! Give it up for Motown's reluctant R&B sensation and soul music genius.

Biography on the Temptations - The Great, the Classic, the Original Temptations

A lot of song, a lot of dance, a lot of snazzy suits and pants: A biography on the Temptations with David Ruffin, Dennis Edwards, and early tenor Elbridge Bryant.

Smokey Robinson Bio - A Smokey Robinson Biography to Toast His Musical Miracles

Sneak a peek at this Smokey Robinson bio! Presenting the multitalented icon at Motown, at the front of the Miracles, and solo.

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - Biography for These Soulful Singing Phenoms

Do you believe in the Miracles? Here's a Smokey Robinson and the Miracles biography, including bits on the singers with Billy Griffin.

The Jackson 5 Biography - Cheers to Those Bubbly Giants of '70s Pop!

Saving your love and Motown soul for the Jackson 5? Don't take it too slow---scooter over to this Jackson 5 biography!

Biography on the Isley Brothers - A Shout-Out to These R&B Rockers

Oh, brothers! Meet Motown's temporary funk mates in this biography on the Isley Brothers.

Gladys Knight Biography - Getting Cozy With Gladys Knight and the Pips

Will you never, never, never stop loving the soul of Gladys Knight and the Pips? Follow them to the end of their road--including their stop at Motown--in this Gladys Knight biography.

The Four Tops Biography - Bowing to the Indestructible Four Tops

Keep on loving the dramatic, velvety R&B of the Four Tops? Come help yourselves to this Four Tops biography!

Pop Go the Soul Singers! - A Soully Oldies Artist Index

Calling all Motown oldies fans, from casual followers to long-time zealots! Check out this index of artists, which includes many neglected soul singers who deserve acknowledgement today.

Mary Wells Biography - The Earliest Enchantress of Pop-Soul

Wells, now, look what we have here! It's a Mary Wells biography, a reintroduction to the premiere princess of R&B, Motown-style.

Martha and the Vandellas Biography - Another Round for the Knockout Belters

This is an invitation, across all nations, a chance for folks to meet Martha and the Vandellas: A biography on Motown's professional heart-pounders.

The Marvelettes Biography - A Breathtaking Girl Group at Pop-Soul's Dawn

Think you know Motown's first great girl group? Wait! Please check and see this biography on the Marvelettes of rough pop and bright R&B.

Jr. Walker and the All Stars - A Biography of Some Burning Hot Souls

What does it take to see this Jr. Walker and the All Stars biography? Just one click. Junior Walker, Motown's sax-iest soul man, and his bandmates await.

Edwin Starr Biography - Hailing He of the Holy Holler

STARR! HUH. Yeah. Read about the life-before-death of Edwin Starr, Motown's resident soul shouter.

The Spinners Biography - Ultimate '70s Soul Winners

How could Motown let them get away? Presenting a Spinners biography on the overlooked, then dominant, '70s soul singers.

Kim Weston Biography - Revealing a Hidden Soul Talent

Do you love Kim Weston music all the way, from Motown and beyond? Steal a glimpse of the soul singer's life in this Kim Weston biography.

Brenda Holloway Biography - Unburying an Earthy R&B Treasure

Does hearing (about) Brenda Holloway, Motown's first West Coast soul singer, make you so very happy? Then treat yourself to this Brenda Holloway biography.

The Contours Biography - Unleashing the Untamed Entertainers

Want to get in the groove with a Contours biography? Read about Motown's R&B (Rough & Bouncy) performers here.

Jimmy Ruffin Biography - A Soaring Soul Brother

Hold on to your love of Jimmy Ruffin! Pass this way to read this Jimmy Ruffin biography about his life, Motown songs, and other soul works.

Shorty Long Biography - Presiding Over a Sporting Shorty Long Tribute

Is that the man? Yes it is! A Shorty Long biography for Motown's funkiest Soul label star.

Velvelettes Biography - Bringing Back Their Soulful Sunshine

If you've been loving the Velvelettes, check this Velvelettes biography for details on the girl group before and after Motown.

Tammi Terrell Biography - Missing a Magnetic R&B Romancer

Come on and see this Tammi Terrell biography, which sums up the life of a most heavenly R&B singer and one of Motown's heaviest heartbreaks.

The Undisputed Truth Biography - More Than a Piece of Norman Whitfield's Soul

I'm only tryin' to school ya with this Undisputed Truth biography! Read about this '70s Motown group and outlet for the soul stirrings of Norman Whitfield.

Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers - Biography for a Colorful Soul Band

Do you know about Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers? Here's a biography on Motown's most notable multiracial soul group.

The Originals Biography - Portrait of the Soulful Clock-Stoppers

Baby, they're for real: An original Originals biography for Motown's consummate backup and throwback soul singers.

The Elgins Biography - Putting Them in Their R&B Place

Understand your Motown Elgins history? Let's chew it over with this Elgins biography for your R&B reference!

The Monitors Biography - Serving a Small Cup of the Monitors

Say hello to this Monitors biography, which recognizes a lesser-known but well-connected Motown soul ensemble.

Chris Clark Biography - Doing Right by the Bluesy White Songstress

A fan of Motown's blonde R&B bombshell of the 1960s, Chris Clark? Want to go back there again? Let this Chris Clark biography help you.

Marv Johnson Biography - Tamla's Original R&B Bridge-Builder

Marv Johnson helped ease Motown's growth from R&B hatchling to pop-soul behemoth. This Marv Johnson biography stakes his claim in music history.

Fake Bands – Exposing the Phony Singing Groups Phenomenon

Can you spot fake bands when you encounter them? If you care about Motown artists as much as you do their songs, read about the not-so-original groups hurting oldies pioneers and fooling fans.

Reviews of Pop-Soul Books - Judging the Histories of Berry Gordy's Empire

Hunting for the best Motown books with the juiciest trivia and most extensive history on the record company? See what I recommend on my Motown book reviews page.

Reviews of Pop-Soul Videos, DVDs, Movies, and TV - Let Them Entertain You

Are there any must-see projects that illustrate the Motown Sound? View my reviews of the Motown videos, DVDs, movies, and TV specials that will bring you the most visual and musical pleasure.

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